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Shakedown Street

Published 1983

Run time 8:30
Producer Pete Gilmore
Audio/Visual sound, color


Pete Gilmore


Reviewer: Stellablu122 - - October 12, 2009
Subject: What a nice surprise
I saw Levon Helm yesterday at John Gill's Farm, it was the first time in 26 years I saw him. I was on the Zone earlier and asked for the Band's set list was that amazing night in Syracuse, when they played with the Dead. Your vid was on the thread. That night was seared into my soul. I missed the Lake Placid show after the St. Stephen in Hartford, but I felt the Syracuse show more than made up for it.

The Band was amazing. I will never forget how huge the place was and when they let the air out of the roof, we were right outside the doors talking and laughing about what a night it had been. Suddenly it got so windy, we were like WTF? We all looked at each other like what is going on here? Next we looked at that crazy building and the to the doors. Beautiful ladies were spinning out on the wind, they were letting the air out of the roof, hence the name Carier dome. We thought it was so funny and a mind f#$k, we laughed until we cried.It was the perfect moment. Tripping Dead heads and great music will do that to you :)
Reviewer: kine 2b - - January 16, 2008
Subject: Great Job!!
At 3:00 into the film our tribe is selling hamburgers out of our tour station wagon
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